With the purpose to push forward thee strategic and material cooperation with world-class universities and institutes, the establishment of important technology innovation platform and the joint cultivation of high-class talents who are able to grasping the development frontier of the world’s technologies and have extraordinary innovation ability and international vision by using international fine resources in science and education, Zhejiang University has set up special funds for academic exchange to sponsor doctors and postgraduates to conduct international joint research, exchange or cultivation. In recent five years, there have been 232 postgraduates of the Mechanical Engineering School go abroad for exchange in various forms and many postgraduates join in various oversea join researches (such as Sino-US Joint Abysmal Research). It has hosted or assisted various large high-end international conferences such as IFAC, ICFP, ICDMSD, CIRP, ISMMC, etc.

Exchange Visit

In recent years, Mechanical Engineering School has developed various businesses rapidly, attracting increasingly more experts and scholars from universities, institutes and famous companies home and abroad for exchange visit. In these three years, more than 40 experts and scholars from 36 oversea universities have visited the school and conducted academic exchange and academic lectures; 10 oversea universities’ delegations have visited the school for exchange; 11 oversea universities’ well-known scholars have been introduced to assume professors, guest professors and part-time teachers; 13 short-term foreign expert projects have been implemented; 10 large international conferences have been hosted or assisted.

1) Zhejiang U. – FESTO Pneumatic R&D Center

2) Zhejiang U. –Hitachi Construction Machinery Co., Ltd Applied Mechanics Jointed Lab

3) Zhejiang U. -The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Partner State Key Laboratory

4) Zhejiang U. - ScuolaSuperioreSant'Anna MEMS Research Center

5) Zhejiang U. - National Technical University of Ukraine High-Tech Research Center

6) Zhejiang U. - National Instruments Automation Education Jointed Lab

Introduction of Foreign Intellects (Partial)

The school leaders have ever visited USA, Germany, British, Ireland and Italy with professor delegations for academic exchange and talents introduction with world-class universities. Since March 2009, 19 oversea talents from Purdue University &University of Michigan in USA, Hokkaido University in Japan, University of California, Davis in USA, Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University have been introduced, among whom, Dr. Yao Bin has entered national “Thousand Talents Program” and Dr. Xie Jin, Dr. Liu Tao, Dr. Yin Jun, Dr. Yang Geng has entered national “Thousand Young Talents Program”. In addition, Prof. Cui Zhanfeng (Academician of Royal Academy of Engineering of British) from Oxford University, Prof. Tomizuka from Berkeley of University of California, Prof. Kagawa Toshiharu from Tokyo Institute of Technology, Prof. Perry Y. Li from Minnesota University, Prof. Huang Yong from University of Florida, Prof. TapioVivalo from Tampere University, Prof. Dario from University Sainte-Anne and Prof. Tong Lisheng from University of Wisconsin are engaged as part-time professors.

Holding International Conferences (Partial)

In recent years, the school has kept close exchange with international academic circle and proactively organized or joined in various international academic activities, and hosted or assisted large international conferences such as ICFP, IFAC and CDMSD, etc. Among all the conferences, ICFP (The Eighth International Conference on Fluid Power Transmission and Control) hosted by State Key Lab of Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems, initiated from 1985, is an important international academic conference facing the field of fluid transmission and control. It is held every four years. It has been held continuously for nine times in Houzhou and widely acknowledged by the international academic circle, becoming a well-known traditional serialized international conference which is convened regularly in the same field.

---Hangzhou International Symposium on Fluid Power Transmission and Control

---IFAC Symposium on Mechatronic Systems

---The Fourth International Symposium on Design and Manufacture

---Workshop of Sino-German Microelectromechanical systems Cooperation

---International Symposium on Precision Engineering and Nanotechnology

---CIRP Conference on Computer Aided Tolerancing

---International Symposium on Machining and Mechanics of Advanced Composite Materials

---the 12th International Conference on Theoretical and Computational Acoustics

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