Outstanding Alumni

Lu Yongxiang 


Lu Yongxiang graduated from Mechanical Engineering Department of Zhejiang University in 1964, where he stayed for teaching.  He obtained five patents in Germany and America and a number of scientific and technological achievements have been used in technical manuals and research materials by the University and the engineering sector of Japan and Western Europe. He has put forward theories of flow detection force feedback, system pressure measured directly and the dynamic feedback. He fundamentally changed the hydraulic control mode and promote the progress of the hydraulic industry.

Lin Junde


one of "ten inspirational role models of China in 2012"

Lin Junde graduated from Mechanical Department of Zhejiang University in 1960 and assigned to the national defense science and Technology Research Institute. From Chinese first atomic bomb in 1964 to the last underground nuclear test, he participated in all of 45 nuclear tests in China. In May 2012, he was diagnosed with advanced cholangiocarcinoma, but he still worked with the will to the last moment of life. He was voted one of “ten inspirational role models of China in 2012”.

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