School of Mechanical Engineering of Zhejiang University originated from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Zhejiang Medium Industrial School in 1911. It is one of the earliest unit in mechanical science research and talent cultivation in China and one of the schools with longest history and strongest power in Zhejiang University. The school is one of the first mechanical engineer First-level discipline doctor stations in China and one of the first mechanical engineer postdoctoral research stations in China. Besides, it is the first national key discipline in mechanical engineering and one of the first “Project 211” key subject construction units and “Project 985” sci-tech innovation platform key construction units. During 100 years’ history in education, the school has cultivated thousands of talents such as Lu Yongxiang, Lin Junde and other outstanding scientists, educators and advanced figures who have made great contribution to nation development and scientific and technological progress. With the new development opportunities, the comprehensive strength of School of Mechanical Engineering of Zhejiang University has been greatly enhanced by taking the target of “building domestic first- class and world famous school”.

There are 107 professional teachers in the school now. Guided by Mr. Lu Yongxiang and headed by Mr. Tan Jianrong and Mr. Yang Huayong, this high-level research team is composed of 2 engineers of Chinese Academy of Engineer, 6 scholars from Thousand Talents Program and Young Thousand Talents Program, 2 chief scientists from “973 Plan”, 3 candidates of National Talent Engineering, 5 Yangtze River Scholar distinguished/ chair professors and young scholars, 3 National Outstanding Yong Investigator Award winners, 3 national and provincial level famous teachers, 2 National Outstanding Yong Science Foundation Award winners, 1 National Outstanding Contribution Young and Middle-aged expert, 1 China Young Technology Award winner and 11 Education Ministry New Century Talents. There are about 2000 students including over 400 doctoral students, over 600 master students and over 800 undergraduate students.

The school is equipped with 2 national key labs (The State Key Lab of Fluid Power & Mechatronic Systems and The State Key Lab of CAD&CG), 1 National Natural Science Foundation mechanical electrical and hydraulic system innovation research group, 5 national teaching and practice bases (State Key Foundation Curriculum of Engineering Graphics Teaching Base, National Demonstration Center for Experimental Mechanical Engineering Education (Zhejiang University), engineering training national lab teaching demonstration center, electromechanical national lab teaching demonstration center and national mechanical engineering talent cultivation innovation experimental area) and 3 provincial key labs (State Key Lab of Fluid Power Transmission and Control, Key Lab of Advanced Manufacturing Technology of Zhejiang Province and Key Lab of 3D Printing Process and Equipment of Zhejiang Province).

The school is equipped with 5 second-class disciplines--- Mechanical Manufacture and Automation, Mechanical Design and Theory, Mechatronic Engineering, Vehicle Engineering and Industrial Engineering. There are four national key construction disciplines among them (Mechanical Manufacture and Automation, Mechanical Design and Theory, Mechatronic Engineering, Vehicle Engineering) and 3 undergraduate disciplines---Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Mechatronic Engineering and Industrial Engineering. What’s more, the school is equipped with 7 research institutes---Institute of mechatronic control engineering,Institute of manufacturing technology and automation,Institute of design engineering,Institute of Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering,Institute of Micro-/Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering,Institute of mechanical design and Engineering,Institute of industrial engineering and 1 engineering training (metalworking) center. The school also has a mechanical engineering center for post-doctoral studies which can confer mechanical engineering Grade One discipline doctor degree and master degree and 5 subordinated Grade Two doctor degrees and 7 master degrees.

Taking the goal of “building international Grade A school in mechanical engineering”, the school aims to become a modern and international school with high teaching level, strong strength in educating, high scientific research level, great student cultivation ability, leading comprehensive ability in industry-university-research and large global influence. At present, the school has developed several projects of international cooperation and communication, such as “3+2” undergraduate-postgraduate joint cultivation project with University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “4+1” undergraduate-postgraduate joint cultivation project with Northwestern University, “4+1” undergraduate-postgraduate joint cultivation project with Imperial College London, “3+2” undergraduate-postgraduate joint cultivation project with Netherlands Eindhoven University of Technologyand undergraduate and postgraduate learning exchange project with Germany RWTH Aachen, etc. 

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