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ZJU M.E - TUD Summer Workshop 2020 has successfully held


In order to deepen cooperation with world-class universities and promote students' participation in international academic exchanges, School of Mechanical Engineering has successfully organized an online summer workshop from 28 July to 10 August, 2020 with the preliminary planning by Associate Professor Xiaocong Zhu and Ms Yixin Qiu. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the workshop was held online. Prof. Klaus Janschek, a University Professor at the Technical University of Dresden, Germany, gave lessons on Selected Topics in Mechatronics Signal Processing during the workshop. About 20 students have participated in the workshop.

On July 28, after the preliminary testing and preparation, the first online communication was held via Zoom meeting. Prof. Janschek and students gave brief self-introductions to each other, including personal biography, hobbies and research projects. Through this meeting, professor and students came to know each other better and everyone is looking forward to the next lectures. 

On July 29th, Prof. Janschek brought the lecture How to make good presentations to students. The professor first explained the type and format of a scientific presentation. Then he analyzed the structure of a presentation and gave many details and techniques on making good slides and telling good stories. Based on that, he gave detailed remarks on the students' presentation and provided some specific suggestions for improvement. The lecture was both informative and entertaining and the students learned a lot. 

Fig. 1. Online Self-Introduction

In the first week, Professor Janschek gave lectures on modeling and simulation of stochastic signals. Starting from three different noise units of actual sensors, he introduced in detail the mathematical model and actual physical model of the noise signal, and further introduced the method of implementing the correct noise source model in Simulink. At the same time, the corresponding simulation projects (Project 1) are assigned. And the students took great effort in completing this project and demonstrated their results to all and discussed the problems they encountered with the professor online. Through mutual communication and guidance feedback, the students have obtained the practical simulation method of noise signal source. And their English communication ability has also been practiced and improved. 

Fig. 2. Lecture on Stochastic Signals.

In the second week, Professor Janschek focused on the application of two-dimensional fast Fourier transform (2D-FFT) and the use of image correlation analysis for aircraft positioning and navigation. The lectures first revisited the 1D Fourier transform, and then showed the derivation of the correlation function, the power spectrum density function and their physical meanings. After that, the advantages of the fast Fourier transform algorithm in obtaining the two-dimensional image correlation matrix are introduced, and the basic principle of using the image correlation matrix for image motion tracking to realize navigation is further explained. After class, the professor arranged a very interesting project of MATLAB image processing for students. The background of the project was the navigation and landing of a planetary probe with camera. Students completed the image processing exercises using MATLAB and shared their results online, which won the praise of the professor.

Fig. 3. Lecture on 2D signal processing (FFT, correlation)

On the afternoon of August 10th which is the last class of the workshop, Professor Janschek reviewed the previous modeling and image processing content. In addition, Professor Klaus gave a virtual city tour of Dresden and TU Dresden. Due to the pandemic, the students could not visit Dresden by themselves, howevereveryone had a better understanding of Dresden’s history, culture, modern industry, and the learning and living environment of Dresden University of Technology under the vivid explanation of Professor Janschek.

Fig. 4. A Virtual City Tour of Dresden and TU Dresden

At the end of the lecture, Professor Janschek and all the students who participated in the workshop took an online group photo, which draw a successful conclusion to the summer workshop.

Fig. 5. Group Photo

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