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The 1st SME-NUS-NTU Summer Research Workshop


Answering the country’s call of building the world first-class universities and disciplines, the first SME-NUS-NTU summer research workshop has been executed successfully between August 4th and 13th. A team of 10 PhD candidates, led by Dr. Tao Peng, has paid a series of research visits to National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and A*Star Technology and Research, and discussed possible collaborations in many fields, including Industrial Big Data, Smart Manufacturing, Operation and Scheduling, Artificial Intelligence.

The first stop is NUS Business School and Department of Industrial Systems Engineering and Management (ISEM). Prof. James Pang, as a ZJU alumni, welcomed the team. The ZJU team members and NUS researchers had in-depth discussions with each other in industrial and business big data mining and analysis, medical resource management, and cloud manufacturing scheduling. The team also visited C4NGP and VNUS labs in ISEM, which focused on the promising applications of industrial engineering in the next generation of ports, 3D maps and intelligent navigation.

Figure 1 Prof. Pang Introduces NUS Business School

Figure 2 Group Photo with NUS

The second stop is NTU School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and Singapore Center of 3D Printing. Prof. Chun-Hsien Chen, Prof. Songlin Chen, Dr. Pai Zheng were invited to give academic seminars on product service system, knowledge management, human factors and intelligent medical robot. In addition, 3 team members visited Prof. Kezhi Mao, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and chatted closely in the topic of industrial big data and data mining.

Figure 3 ZJU-NTU Research Workshop and Discussions

Figure 4 Visit 3D Printing Center

The last stop is Singapore A*Star, one of the world-famous research centers, where cutting-edge researches are being conducted. Dr. Lim Joo Hwee, Dr. Ma Tin Lay New and Dr. Li Xiaoli briefed the ongoing research works in intelligent visualization, incremental learning, and industrial artificial intelligence, and etc.

Figure 5 Group Photo with A*Star

This international workshop has presented a high-level academic accomplishment of our PhD students, enhanced the understanding of big data, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence and other frontier domains, and broadened the horizons of research perspectives. Meanwhile, friendship has been strengthened between researchers in NUS, NTU and A*Star. During this visit, Singapore was celebrating its 54th National Day, the team members also experienced a variety of authentic cultural events.


This summer research workshop program is sponsored by the 4th International Workshop for Postgraduates, Graduate School, Zhejiang University, and also received financial support from School of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University.

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