Prof. JIANG Kezhu wins a special teacher award from CCTV


The award ceremony of the Most Beautiful Teacher in China, co-organized by China Media Group and the Chinese Ministry of Education, was aired at CCTV-1 on the evening of September 10. JIANG Kezhu, a retired professor at ZJU’s School of Mechanical Engineering, was hailed as an attention-getting teacher.

In November, 2017, Prof. JIANG, 84 years old, offered to deliver his final lecture to students. He insisted on standing for 3 hours in class and wrote notes on the blackboard meticulously. This lecture caused a sensation nationwide. “Teaching is a lifelong career. I will make every endeavor to cultivate qualified talents. This is not only my responsibility, but also my way to repay the country,” said Prof. JIANG.

“Teaching well can be likened to ‘acting out a good story’. Even if it is a classic drama, its screenplay needs to be recreated so that it can be best presented to the audience. It is also true of teaching. Teachers should re-adapt teaching materials instead of delivering everything in a textbook in a rigid way.”

“Every veteran teacher has a wealth of knowledge. They should try to pass it down to succeeding generations.”