Institute of Mechatronic Control Engineering


 The Institute of Mechatronic Control Engineering (IMCE)


DirectorProf. Li Dejun

Vice-directorProf. Yang Geng, Prof. Li Xin


Main Research Areas

  • Hydraulic Transmission and Control

  • Pneumatic Transmission and Its System Integration

  • Design and Manufacture of Electromechanical and Hydraulic Equipment for New Energy

  • Marine Mechatronic Equipment

  • Motion Control of Mobile Machine

  • Integration and Intelligence of Complex Mechatronic Equipment

  • Additive Manufacturing of Biological and Metallic Materials

The IMCE is the major supporting institute of The State Key Laboratory of Fluid Power and Mechatronic Systems, and The National Research Center of Electrohydraulic Control Engineering Technology. The research of the IMCE is to realize the power distribution, transmission and control of hydraulic and mechatronic systems and related application. The academic leader of the IMCE is Prof. Yang Huayong, who is academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. The IMEC devotes to the basic research of fluid power and mechatronic systems, in the meanwhile, applies the fluid power and mechatronic systems into the fields related to national economy and industry development, such as energy, transportation, marine, metallurgy, bio-engineering, national defense, etc. The IMCE is the most important scientific research and personnel training center in the fluid power and mechatronic system field in China and has comprehensive international influence.  

The IMCE contains 44 permanent staffs,including 1 academician, 3 Chang Jiang Scholars, 2 winners of Ten Thousand Talent Program, 23 professors and 9 associate professors.