Institute of Micro-/Nanotechnology and Precision Engineering


Main research directions:

 Lithography immersion system

Fluid Components for Micro-Nano Fabrication

Ultra-precision machining and measuring technology

Micro-Nano device and system integration technology

Human-Computer Interaction and sensor network

Micro-Nano sensor and drive application technology

MEMS and micro-Nano manufacturing Technology

Sensors and smart/intelligent instruments

New precision pneumatic components and systems

Director: Professor Liu Tao

Deputy Director: Professor Xie Jin,

                                Associate Professor Liu Hao

Tel: 0571-87951314 (to 6221)


The Micro-Nano Technology and Precision Engineering Institute was established in 2017 by the teachers from the Institute of Mechanical and Electronic Control Engineering, College of Mechanical Engineering. It is a new research institute engaging in research related to micro-Nano fabrication and precision machinery.It is also one of the major components of the State Key Laboratory of Fluid Power and Electromechanical Systems, subordinate to mechanical and electronic engineering, the National key discipline.  Its first-level subject, mechanical engineering, was selected as the national Double World-class construction disciplines

The institute now has a faculty of 5 professors, 1 research fellow, 3 associate professors,  1 lecturer and  2 Postdoctor . At present, more than 90 ph. D. and master undergraduates are engaging in research on related topics here.