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CAO Yanlong


Basic information

Teacher Name:Yanlong Cao
Job title:



Research interests:

Precision Design and QualityEngineering, Measurement


Education/qualifications and Appointments held

Dec. 2012-


School of MechanicalEngineering, Zhejiang University, P. R. China.

Jun. 2005-Nov. 2012

Associate Professor

School of MechanicalEngineering, Zhejiang University, P. R. China.

Oct. 2007- Oct. 2009

Visiting Scholar

College of Computing and Engineering,University of  Huddersfield, UK

May 2003-May 2005

Lecturer and postdoctor

College of Bio-systems Engineering and Food Science,

ZhejiangUniversity,P. R. China.

Mar. 1997-May 2003

PhD degree in

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University.P. R. China.

Sept. 1993-Jul. 1997

BSc degree  in Mechanical Design and Manufacturing

School of Mechanical Engineering, ShanDong University of Technology (SDUT)(Now its name is ShanDong University),P. R. China.

Sept. 1995-Jul. 1997

minor in Industry Automatization

Department of Industry Automation, ShanDong University of Technology (SDUT), P. R. China.

Membership of learned or professional societies

· Member of National Gear Standardization Technical Committees of China (TC52)

· Member of National GPS Standardization Technical Committees of China (SAC/TC240)

· Deputy secretary ofProduction Engineering Branch, Zhejiang Province, Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society

RESEARCH over the past five years

Scientific Research Project

[1] “Theoryand method for toleranceanalysisfor complex assemblies based on number theory” by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)(51575484 2016.01~2019.12).

[2] Theoryand method for tolerance design based on concurrent function-structure decomposition by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)(51275464 2013.01~2016.12).

[3] Qianjiang Talent Plan Project “The technology of extraction and recognition for weak impulse signal in the strong noise environment” (2011R10016, 2011.08-2013.07).

[4] Flexible assembly tolerance modelling and analysis based on improved GPS by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)(50975257, 2010.01~2012.12).

[5] Research on the Methodology and Technology of 3-D Tolerance Modeling based on GPSby National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)(50505046, 2006.1~2008.12).

[6] Research on the technology of complex mechanical and electrical product quality characteristic'smulti-scale coupling and preventive control by National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC)(50835008, 2009.1~2012.12).

[7] The National Key Basic Research and Development Plan (973 Plan) “Key scientific problem of large scale and low consumption for complex air separation class outfit”, Subject “Research on the technology of quality guaranteed manufacturing of large components with strong strength in the key machine(2011CB706560, 2011.1~2014.12).

[8] High-end CNC machine tool  and basic manufacturing equipment”major science and technology issues “The closed-loop dynamic comprehensive compensation technology based on sensitive point surveillance”(2009ZX04014-026, 2009.03-2010.12).

Refereed Papers

[1] Cao Yanlong, Yan Huiwen, Liu Ting. Application of Quasi-Monte Carlo Method Based on Good Point Set in Tolerance Analysis[J]. JOURNAL OF COMPUTING AND INFORMATION SCIENCE IN ENGINEERING. 2016, V16(2).

[2] Cao Yanlong, Liu Ting, Ye Xuefeng. Lathe errors identification based on surface topography analysis after turning[J]. PRECISION ENGINEERING-JOURNAL OF THE INTERNATIONAL SOCIETIES FOR PRECISION ENGINEERING AND NANOTECHNOLOGY. 2016, V46,243-253.

[3] Wu Zijian, Liu Ting, Gao Zhenbo, Cao Yanlong. Tolerance design with multiple resource suppliers on   cloud-manufacturing platform[J].INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MANUFACTU-RING TECHNOLOGY. 2016, V84(1-4): 335-346.

[4] Cao Yanlong, Wu Zijian, Liu Ting. Multivariate process capability evaluation of cloud manufacturingresource based on intuitionistic fuzzy set[J]. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY. 2016, V84(1-4): 227-237.

[5] Yang Jiangxin, Yang Biyu, Liu Mingzhou,Cao Yanlong.Detection method of loose parts in nuclear react-or based on eigenvector   algorithm[J]. PROGRESS IN NUCLEAR ENERGY. 2016, V91: 250-255.

[6] Cao Yanlong, Li Bo, Guan Jiayan, Yang Jiangxin. A point-based variation propagation model for multi-pass machining process. Proc IMechE Part B: J Engineering Manufacture .2015,V 229,1164-1179.

[7] Cao Yanlong, Li Bo, Ye Xuefeng, Guan Jiayan, Yang Jiangxin. Geometrical Simulation of Multi-Scale Toleranced Surface with Consideration of the Tolerancing Principle. ASME J. Comput. Inf. Sci. Eng. 2015, V15(2):21006-21016.

[8] Cao Yanlong, Zhao Kui, Yang Jiangxin.Research on the method of constructing the integrated strategic performance indicator system for manufacturing enterprises.  International Journal of Production Research,2015, V53(13):1-15

[9] Cao Yanlong, Wu Zijian, Zhao Qijian. Study on Resource Configuration on Cloud Manufacturing[J]. MATHEMATICAL PROBLEMS IN ENGINEERING. 2015,1-13.

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