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Recruitment of the Director of Institute of Mechanical Design, Zhejiang University


1. Introduction of the Recruitment Unit
    Zhejiang University founded in 1987 is one of the oldest official universities of China. Zhejiang University has ever moved westward to Meitan County in Guizhou province for teaching in anti-Japanese war and been praised as the “Oriental Cambridge” by the famous British historian John Lee. Now Zhejiang University is managed collaboratively by the Ministry of Education and the provincial government of Zhejiang. Zhejiang University is one of the key universities in national “211 Project” and “985 Project” and is one of seven universities nationally positioned in accordance with high-level universities.
    The Department of Mechanical Engineering is century old and is the national key discipline with doctor station in its all branches, and also rank in the top of national universities. The Institute of Mechanical Design has a great influence in the country and also has some reputation abroad. For the improvement of the level of discipline echelon and the requirement of age structure, now we are in urgent need of a director and a number of young teachers.
2. Position and Requirements
(1) Director of the Institute of Mechanical Design: doctoral degree, age between 40 and 55, with work experience in abroad universities or research institutes or education background in national 985 or 211 universities, with professor title and doctoral advisor qualification for domestic applicants and professor or associate professor title for overseas applicants.
(2) Teachers of the Institute of Mechanical Design: doctors, associate professors or professors of 985 universities with good development potential, overseas university assistants or associate professors.
3. Treatment:
4. Application Procedure
(1) Send your individual resume to the contact person by E-mail including age, gender, family situations, education background, job resume, degree, affiliation & position, academic papers, patents and awards, the included and indexed information of representative works, the research projects presided over, etc.; Other materials reflected your academic level; Contact information about 3 peer scholars for consultation of professional level and ability of the applicant.
(2) Review the materials and determine the candidates for interview.
(3) Notices of interview and assessment.
(4) Determine the appropriate person and sign the employment contract.
5. Contact Information
Address: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Yuquan Campus of Zhejiang University, Hangzhou City
Post Code: 310013
Contact Person: Teacher Yao
Tel: 86-0571-87951181

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