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Notice about the Open Recruitment of Zhejiang University’s “Pao Yu-Kong Chair Professors” in 2012


Divisions, colleges (departments) and units:
    Pao’s foundation at Zhejiang University will receive the declaration and recommendation of 2012’s “Pao Yu-Kong Chair Professors” from May 15th to 18th, and will give review in September. About the requisite conditions, job responsibilities and job treatment of “Pao’s Chair Professors”, please refer to “Zhejiang University Implementation details of Pao Yu-Kong International Foundation” (URL: http://paoscholarship.zju.edu.cn/gjjjhxz.jsp).
    In order to accelerate the internationalization of graduate education, support and cooperate with the internationalization of our graduate courses and the construction of our teaching system, request the professors offer English teaching courses and series of lectures, collaborate and participate in guiding graduate students positively.
    Each college (department) should keep outside contact positively, select and recommend suitable candidates, and fill out Zhejiang University’s candidates’ recommendation forms of “Pao Yu-Kong Chair Professors”. The written and electronic forms should be submitted to Pao’s foundation before May 18th. The relevant review matters will be further noticed.

Contact Person: Fang Gang, Yang Bin
Tel&Fax: 86-571-87951124
fg@zju.edu.cn, yangbin@zju.edu.cn
Address: Teaching Building 11-212, Yuquan Campus. (Zhejiang University Pao’s Foundation)
Postcode: 310027
Pao 's Foundation
April 17th, 2012
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