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【A Standing Invitation】Employment for Postdoctoral Research Fellows by The Institute of Mechanical Design



 For construction of research and academic needs, the Professor Feng Peien’s team in the Mechanical Design Institution of Zhejiang University needs to employ a doctoral graduate from other schools to engaging in postdoctoral research work urgently.

A.Recruitment conditions

1)Graduate from “211 Project” universities with a doctor degree

2)Professional research direction: computer aided static and dynamic analysis and optimization for mechanical structure, machine dynamics, mechanical vibration and damping.


Based on the Postdoctoral treatment provided by the school, we will provide another 1,000-2,000 yuan as project allowance.


C.Needed Materials

1) Personal resume (including education and work experience, the abstracts of graduate paper for doctor degree, published papers, etc.)

2) One copy of doctor graduate diploma and doctor degree diploma

3)One copy of ID card


D.The Connection Way

Contact Person: Wang Qingjiu

E-mail: mdi@cmee.zju.edu.cn

Phone Number: 87951209

Address: Department of Mechanical Engineering, NO.38 Zheda Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.

Postcode: 310027

Deadline of the Employment: until to employ suitable candidates.


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