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【A Standing Invitation】Employment for "Qiushi Special-Term Professor" of Zhejiang University from both home and abroad


Zhejiang University is one of the national key universities with a long history. After a hundred years of construction and development, ZhejiangUniversity has become a research and comprehensive university with solid foundation, strong strength and distinctive features, and now it lives in the domestic first-class level and has a greater impact in the international Academic Research.


According to the Strategy of develop school with great talents and implement measures of “Qiushi Special-Term Professor” of Zhejiang University, we advertise for "Qiushi Special-Term Professor" of Zhejiang University from both home and abroad now, in order to accelerate the introduction and training programs of high-level personnel and then form many innovation teams in the school's key subjects. We ZhejiangUniversity welcome the elites at home and abroad to join us, and create brilliant together.


The basic conditions for candidates

1)Love the People's Republic of China, great ethics of profession as a scholar, Rigorous style of study, and be decent.

2)Generally, the candidates must have doctor degree, and in good health, the age must not be more than 55 years old (the school’s general requirement is that the candidates of Natural Science must be below 45 years old, no less than two-thirds of the candidates of Humanities and Social Science must be under the age of 50.)

3)Foreign applicants should generally be assistant professor or have above positions of high level university, the ones who have senior research fellow positions in the renowned research institutions abroad is adaptive; Domestic applicants should be a professor or have equivalent position.

4)The candidates must be competent for core courses teaching, Understand and grasp the develop direction of correlative discipline. The candidates should be painstaking in doing research, and have established a distinctive and influential academic view, academic thinking or academic theory, and have made an important academic achievement which is recognized by domestic and foreign counterparts.

5)The candidates should have a strong cooperative and innovative spirit a,and a certain degree of organization, management, leadership. They should be good at training young people, and can focus on the academic team building, and lead an innovative team to do research collaboratively.

6)The appointee should be full-time work, the overseas recruits should work in ZhejiangUniversity more than 9 months each year.



Responsibilities of the job

1)Teaching the core courses, supervising the master and doctor students.

2)Working out the academic development plan, accurately grasping the development direction of the subject. Proposing strategic, creative research ideas. Leading the discipline teams to catch up or maintain the leading domestic and international advanced level in their research area.

3)Actively seeking and chairing the state's key research projects, Doing original research in the major theoretical and practical issues of the appropriate discipline, writing books, publishing paper in the influential academic journals, and strive to get the remarkable results.

4)Leading the construction of the appropriate discipline teams, build and lead an innovative team to carry out teaching and research work according to the characteristics and development needs of the appropriate discipline.



1)Duration of employment, the school provides wage, insurance and welfare benefits according to state regulations. Besides we provide 10 million yuan as post allowance each year. In the first three years, The “Qiushi Special-Term Professor” can enjoy another 10 million yuan as allowance for starting the subject every year.

2)We provide funds for scientific research to the employed “Qiushi Special-Term Professor”: for the experimental science, engineering, agriculture, medical and so on, we assist 2,000,000 yuan each person; for the non-experimental science, administered by the humanities and social, we assist 500,000 yuan each person.

3)If the employed “Qiushi Special-Term Professor” accord with the purchase conditions of special room reserved for high-level personnel in ZhejiangUniversity, you can apply for a special room set aside, or you can choose to enjoy the 600,000 yuan’s currency of Settling-in allowance,  you will get it with the monthly payment of wages in 10 years.

4)We can transact the removing procedures for your family members, and help recommend a suitable spouse to work for them.

5)The School will provide settling-in allowance 30,000-40,000 yuan one-time for the employed “Qiushi Special-Term Professor”.


Needed Materials

Applicants should provide these materials first:

1)Detailed resume (the study and work resume uninterruptedly from the beginning to the University to the apply date, the list of papers, books, patents and research projects that you have taken charge, etc.);

2)Education and degree certificates, the proof of employment now.

3)Three representative papers of full text.

4)Profile of about 500 words, focusing on the main academic achievements you have made.

5)Work ideas, work objectives and related requirements

6)Three recommendation letters from different experts in the related field, recommending experts should be well-known experts in the related field or have a certain position.


After the review and primaries of the appropriate departments in our school, you should fill out the "Zhejiang University Qiushi Special-Term Professor candidates recommended list" and offer the Annex materials that the recommended table requested.



After 2009, the school has adjusted the review approaches of “The Yangtze River Scholar” and “Qiushi Special-Term Professor”: the “The Yangtze River scholar” candidates’ reviews are organized by the Division; the “Qiushi Special-Term Professor” candidates’ reviews are united organized by the school. If “the Yangtze River Scholar” candidates that recommended to the Ministry of Education do not pass the Ministry of Education’s review, you will no longer naturally change to be the “Qiushi Special-Term Professor”. If you want to apply for the “Qiushi Special-Term Professor”, you need to re-apply and participate in assessment.


The Connection Way


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