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Mechanical Creative Design Contest


Practice of creative design is one of the important means to cultivate students’ abilities of creativity. As a crucial part of innovation-oriented education, since 1995, Zhejiang University has taken the lead of mechanical design practice among college students. The design practice is student-centered, it respects individuality, values team spirit, promotes democracy and opening, advocates inquiry-based learning, and it is very popular among college students.

Our university has established the mechanical design practice teaching base(click to enter the site). The base which is about 240 m2 is located in Zijingang campus. The lab is openly managed and equipped with IC card entrance guard system. It’s remotely monitored and is installed with deposit locket for students to store personal experiment materials. The base can accommodate quite a few students to carry out creative experiments at the same time and provide them with a place to study, communicate, debug, make an experiment and display their achievements. What’s more, the lab is able to provide:

1)      Platform for installing and debugging: providing students with basic experimental devices, equipment, means, environment and place;

2)      General machinery parts library: According to the requirements of a specific experiment, students can build up the test rack with the resources from the library;

3)      Mechatronic experiment platform with advanced controlling technology:  The lab is equipped with mechatronic systems which have the internationally advanced technology, students can make full use of these advanced devices to carry out creative experiments of mechatronic control.

4)      Platform for studying and communication: Providing students with technical materials for creative practice, and giving them the right place and conditions to study and communicate. And carrying out construction of the innovation laboratory and the exhibition of some innovative practice objects.

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