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SRTP (Student Research Training Program)


1.        Do you know about SRTP of Zhejiang University? How is it managed?

SRTP (Student Research Training Program) started in 1998, teachers and students from 22 colleges attended the program.

Our university adopts two-level management of SRTP, one level is the school, and the other is each and every college. The rules and procedures are formulated by the school’s educational administration department while it’s every college’s duty to review projects and organize. Each academy is in charge of project publicity, mobilization and organizing the application.

2.        What is the purpose of implementing SRTP?

The purposes are as follows: 1) providing all the undergraduate students an opportunity of science and research training, so that they can step in their research fields as soon as possible and have a chance to know and understand the academic front and its developing trend; 2) Making full use of the advantages of multi-subjects, teaching resources and talents, trying to teach based on reality and improve teaching efficiency; 3) Cultivating students’ ability of connecting theory with practice, ability of creative thinking and independent working; 4) Strengthening the teamwork spirit between teachers and students, and improving the ability of communication; 5) Promoting the combination between study and product through research, encouraging the behavior of making early achievements.

3.        How to apply for SRTP? What are the procedures?

The educational administration department will organize the SRTP application work on a year basis; a SRTP guiding group will be founded by each college, mainly in charge of the reviewing work of every project. Both teachers and students can apply for SRTP. Normally, in February the applicant should download the form of SRTP from the designated website and inform the college undergraduate teaching administration department on time (the time is on the back side of the page); In April, every college SRTP guiding group will begin the reviewing session; In May, the guidelines will be published out; In June, students apply as the attendants referring to the guidelines; From July to the next April every college and every participant will start the SRTP work; Every November school and the colleges will organize the mid-term examination; Every May each college will organize the final defense and turn in related materials; From July to October, school will start to compile a brief collection of research results, summary and assessment.

4.        What are the requirements when reviewing SRTP?

Review: The project should have some sense of science, reality, feasibility, operability and applicability, and there should be some projects to be denied.

Aim: The SRTP project can actually exercise and improve students’ ability of science and research, the ability of innovation and practicing.

Thought: The project is of clear thought; the form is formally filled in, especially the project content and statement should be concise and clear, the point should be fully proved and printed materials are wanted.

Difficulty: The project should be suitable for undergraduate’s knowledge and abilities.

Time: In principle the project should be completed in one year, to several subjects it can be done in half a year.

Personnel: Principally the attendants should be undergraduate students in their second or third year.

Achievements: It’s hoped that substantial achievements (thesis, product or patent, etc) can be made.

5.        What are the encouraging polices about SRTP?

School will give special funds every year for SRTP projects. There are different funds standards for different majors, like the fund for the major of humanity and social science is 500-800 Yuan, while for other majors the fund would be 800-1000 Yuan, and the fund is dispatched in different phases.

Those excellent SRTP projects with impressive achievements can apply for excellent teaching achievement prize and will be cataloged into a archive.

As long as a student participates in the entire SRTP project, he can obtain the corresponding extra credit of Zhejiang University.

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