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Reports announcement given by Prof. Zorowski from NC State University


Topic of the lecture:   

Creativity - Innovation and Inventiveness in Engineering

Reporter:                                Prof. ZorowskiNC State University 

Date of the lecture:            from 2:30pm to 3:30pm on June 3rd

Place of the report:            in the number 301 room of 2nd East building in Zijingang Campus

Brief introduction of the lecture:

Prof Zorowski gave a wonderful lecture which was appreciated by the students who took part in. The students were impressed by the new concepts about the innovation and inventiveness in Engineering included in this lecture. What’s more, a lot of teacher of our college attended this lecture as well, taking Prof. Daqiang Gu, Prof. Pinhe Zhu, Prof. Qinjiu Wang for example. At the end of the lecture, Prof Zorowski with 9 Students from NC State University visited the creative base of Mechanical Design Contest and the TrainingDemonstrationCenter of the national key laboratory of Mechanical Engineering. During the visit, Prof Zorowski had a deep communication with the students who was engaging in experiments and wish to set up a good relationship with ZhejiangUniversity especially strengthen the corporation in different areas.


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