Basic information
Teacher Name:Jin Wang
Job title:Associate Professor

Dr. Jin Wang’s Profile


Citizenship:   China                   

Date of Birth:  Oct 6,1980 

SEX:        Male                    

Major:      Mechanical

Professional Title:  Lecture

Office Telephone: 86-0571-87951273     



Brief Introduction:

Jin Wang is currently a lecture at the department of mechanical engineering, Zhejiang University, China. He gained his B.Sc and Ph.D in Zhejiang University, China, in 2003 and 2008. His research interests include CAD/CAM, design automation and optimization, geometric modeling, reverse engineering and computer graphics.

Academic experience

ZhejiangUniversity, lecture, 2010.9 ~ present

ZhejiangUniversity, post doctor, 2008.9~2010.9   

Other experience

DFTL Ltd, Hangzhou, 2004.4~2008.3, Programmer for a 3D GCAD LookStailor X (LSX)  

      DFL Ltd, Osaka, Japan,     2004.8~2004.8, Research Exchange for   LSX


      2003.9~2008.9  Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, ZhejiangUniversity

      1998.9~2003.6 Undergraduate in Mechanical Engineering, ZhejiangUniversity

Research Interests


Soft Object modeling and design, include of 3D Garment CAD, Shoe CAD, Sketch-based CAD of toys and cartoonsas shown in Fig.1~3.

Fig.1 Sketch based 3D CAD system in toys and cartoons design

Fig.2. Editable sketch based  3D Garment CAD system

Fig.3  Editable sketch based  3D shoe CAD system 


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