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Basic information

Teacher Name:Jituo Li
Job title:associate professor

Jituo Li is currently an associate professor of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University, China. He received his BS degree from Central South University of China in 2000 and Ph.D degree from Zhejiang University in 2006. Before moving back to Zhejiang University in June 2010, he was an assistant professor at Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was an Academic Visitor of the Department of Computer Science, Nottingham University and an Academic Visitor of the Department of Computer Science, La Trobe University. Currently, his research focuses on Shape-Changing Robotic Mannequin, Computer-aided Design, Computer Graphics and Computer Vision. He is and was the PI or Co-PI of several projects of NSFC(Natural Science Foundation of China), ZJNSF(Zhejiang Natural Science Foundation), BNSF(Beijing Natural Science Foundation). For more information, please refer to contact him by email:



[1]Natural Science Foundation of China (No.60903145), 2010-2012. Components based 3D Individualized Garments Intelligent Modeling.  (PI)

[2]Beijing Natural Science Foundation(No. 4102062) , 2010-2012. Research on Key Technologies for 3D Garmenting Fitting and Simulation. (PI)

[3]Open Project Program of the EngineeringResearchCenter of Digitized Textile & Fashion Technology, Ministry of Education, 2010.6-2011.6. Components based 3D Garment Modeling and Fitting. (PI)

[4] Natural Science Foundation of China (No.61070105), 2011-2013. Physics based Clothing & Garments Simulation.  (Co-PI)

[5] Natural Science Foundation of China (No. 60473129), 2005-2007. 3D Garment Parametric Modeling.  (Co-PI)

[6] Notional 863 Project(No.2007AA01Z341). 2008.1-2009.12. Technologies and Systems for Pervasive Digital Entertainment in Augmented Environment. (Co-PI)

[7] China-Singapore Institute of Digital Media Project. 2008.8-2009.3Computer Vision-based Gesture Tracking and Recognition.         (Co-PI)


International Journal Papers:

[1]    Jituo Li, Guodong Lu, Juntao Ye. Automatic Skinning and Animation of Skeletal Models. Visual Computer,2011. Special Issue of Computer Graphics International 2011 (CGI 2011). (With acceptance ratio as 35/220 = 15.9%) DOI: 10.1007/s00371-011-0585-8. IF=0.786

[2]   Jituo Li, Guodong Lu. Customizing 3D Garments Based on Volumetric Deformation. Computers in Industry.  Accepted on Aprl. 8, 2011. IF=1.524

[3]    Jituo Li, Juntao Ye, Yangsheng Wang, Li Bai, Guodong Lu. Fitting 3D garment models onto individual human models, Computers & Graphics, 2010, 34:742-755 IF=0.787

[4]    Jituo Li, Guodong Lu, Dongliang ZhangYoshiyuki Sakaguti Searching a 3D region for surface trimming. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology,2006. 30(11-12):1093-1100. IF=1.128

[5]   Jituo LiDongliang ZhangGuodong LuYoshiyuki SakagutiYanying PengXing Wen. Flattening triangulated surface using a mass-spring model. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology.2005, 25(1-2) :108-117 IF=1.128

International Conference Papers:

[1]  Jituo Li, Guodong Lu, Juntao Ye. Automatic Skinning and Animation of Skeletal Models. CGI 2011.

[2]    Jituo Li, Li Bai, Yangsheng Wang, Martin Tosas. Hand tracking and animation.     CAD/Graphics 2009

[3]    Jituo Li, Yangsheng Wang. Automatically Constructing Skeletons and Parametric Structures for Polygonal Human Bodies. CGI 2007



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