LIU Zhenyu


Basic information
Teacher Name:Zhenyu Liu
Job title:Ph.D,Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering,
            Zhejiang University,
            Hangzhou, P. R. China, 310027

Tel: 86-571-87951273


Zhenyu Liu

Ph.D.,  Professor
            Department of Mechanical Engineering

State Key Lab of CAD&CG
            Zhejiang University





Sep. 1996 - Mar. 2002 Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, ZhejiangUniversity

Sep. 1992 – Jul. 1996   Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University


Research Experience                                                           

Jan. 2011-            Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University

Aug.2004-Dec.2010      Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University

Mar.2002-Aug.2004      Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Department of Computer Science and Technology, Zhejiang University



Research Projects                                                                   

Jan. 2009- Dec.2011      Physically simulation and force feedback operation for complex equipment maintainability design, National Natural Science Foundation of China (Granted No. 50875239), Applicant & Project Leader

Jan.2004-Dec.2006        Product assembly design based on tolerance in a virtual environment, National Natural Science Foundation of China (Granted No. 50305033), Applicant  & Project Leader

Jan. 2008- Dec.2011      Multi-domain integrated modeling and collaborative simulation of complex product virtual prototyping. National Natural Science Foundation of China (Granted No. 60736019-2), Project Leader

Jan. 2009- Aug. 2011     Performance Simulation and Test of Tunnel System. 973 Project. (Granted No. 2007CB714007-2), Project Leader

Sep. 2006- Oct. 2009   Product Customization Design and Optimization.973 Project.(Granted No. 2004CB719402-2), Project Leader

Jan.2006-Dec.2007        Virtual deformation design with multi-constraints, Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China (Granted No. Y105430), Applicant & Project Leader

Jan.2003-Dec.2004        Assembly modeling with process simulation in a virtual environment, Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation of China (Granted No. 602039),Applicant & Project Leader




ACADEMIC AWARDS                                                             

2006               Product conceptual design and virtual prototyping based on intelligent computation, second prizes of National Award of China for Science and Technology Progress awarded by Chinese Central Government.

2004               Mass Customization and its application on complex product design, second prizes of National Award of China for Science and Technology Progressawarded by Chinese Central Government.

2002               Zengyong Lu High-tech Award of CAD&CG awarded by Chinagraph’ 2002.


Selected Papers                                                                   

[1].  Zhenyu Liu,Wanghui Bu,Jianrong Tan. Motion Navigation for Arc Welding Robots Based on Feature Mapping in a Simulation Environment, Robotics and Computer Integrated Manufacturing. 2010, 26(2):137-144

[2].          Zhenyu Liu, Jianrong Tan. Constrained behavior manipulation for interactive assembly in a virtual environment. International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology. 2007,32:797-810

[3].          Wanghui Bu, Zhenyu Liu, Jianrong Tan, Shuming Gao, Detachment avoidance of joint elements of robotic Manipulator with clearances based on trajectory planning. Mechanism and Machine Theory. 201045(6):925-940

[4].          Wanghui Bu, Zhenyu Liu.Industrial Robot Layout Based on Operation Sequence Optimization. International Journal of Production Research. 2009,47(15) 4125-4145

[5].           Zheng Wang, Zhenyu Liu. A Virtual Environment Simulator for Mechanical System Dynamics with Online Interactive Control. Advances in Engineering Software. 2006, 37(10):631-642

[6].           Zhenyu  Liu, Yu Fu, Jianrong Tan. Research on visualization of coupled multiple physical fields with heterogeneous finite element meshes. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2010.

[7].           Zhenyu  Liu, Yu Fu, Jianrong Tan. Building and Reuse of Kinematic Model of Digital Mockup Based on Simulation Component. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2009. 45(10):118-124

[8].           Zhenyu Liu, Jianrong Tan.Interactive sculpting of product shape based on constraint manipulation in virtual environment. Journal of Zhejiang University: Science. 2005, 6A(7): 733-740

[9].           Zhenyu Liu, Jianrong Tan. Virtual assembly and tolerance analyse for collaborative design. Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design, Coventry, UK, 2005: 617-622

[10].       Zhenyu  Liu, Jianrong Tan. Research on process oriented assembly modeling in virtual environment.Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, 2004,40 (3): 93-99

[11].       Zhenyu  Liu, Jianrong Tan, Shuyou Zhang. Research of motion guidance in virutal assembly based on semantics recognition. Journal of Software, 2002,13 (3) :382-389

[12].       Zhenyu  Liu, Jianrong Tan, Shuyou Zhang. Virtual disassembly based on dynamics constraint release. Journal of Computer Aided Design & Computer Graphics, 2003,15(7):812-817

[13].       Zhenyu  Liu, Jianrong Tan, Shuyou Zhang. Roll back of assembly process in virtual environment. Journal of Computer Aided Design & Computer Graphics, 2003,15(11) :1432-1436

[14].       Zhenyu  Liu, Jianrong Tan. Research on virtual assembly based on physically modeling. Journal of Image and Graphics, 2003,8(7):823-828



Book publications                                             

[1].           Jianrong Tan, Zhenyu Liu. Digital Mockups: Key Technologies and Product Applications. China Machine Press. 2007

[2].           Jianrong Tan,Guodong Lu, Shuyou Zhang, Zhenyu Liu. CAD Methods and Technologies. China Science Press. 2005



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