LU Guodong


Basic information
Teacher Name:Guodong Lu
Job title:Professor

Ø  Brief introduction

Prof. Lu Guodong was born in 1963. He obtained the bachelor’s degree from ZhejiangUniversity in 1983. Since graduation, he has been with Zhejiang University(ZJU). First as a teaching assistant and then was prompted to be a lecturer, an associated professor and a full professor in 1988, 1993 and 1999, respectively. He obtained his MEng in CAD in 1993 and Ph.D in applied mathematics in 2000 both from ZJU. He has been a doctoral supervisor since 2001.

Prof. Lu holds several tiles in ZJU, among them the representative ones are the Deputy Director of the Institute of Engineering and Computer Graphics under the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Deputy Dean of Undergraduate School, the Director of the Teaching & Researching Division, and the Deputy Dean of the honors college of Chu Kochen. He also is the secretary-general of the Guiding Committee of Engineering Drawing Education under the Ministry of Education of P.R. China, the member of the Guiding Committee of Experimental Education under the Ministry of Education of P.R. China, the director of the Guiding Committee of Experimental Education of Zhejiang Province, and the vice director-general of the Engineering Drawing Society of Zhejiang Province.


Ø  Research Fields

1、    CAD/CG, mainly on free-form curves and surfaces modeling and simulation including 3D garment CAD, 3D carton toy CAD, 3D last CAD and knitting CAD.

2、    Numerical control machine including injection machine, gas bottle production machine, EDM machine,computerized flat
knitting machines
, computerized seamless underwear machine, high speed computerized machine for socks, and the Multi-functional NC machines oriented to complex machine parts customization.

3、    Digital machine protypevirtualrealityweb3D.

4、  Enterprise informationization, e-government.


Ø  Main projects

1. NaturalScienceFoundationofChina: Research on Parametric Modelling of Multi-updating for 3D Customized Garment.

2. NationalHigh-techR&DProgram(863Program): Research and Applications on Creative Digital Design for Soft Complex Products.

3. Key Projects in the National Science & Technology: Sub-project of the Research on Advanced Design Platform and Key Structure Technology for Precision Plastic Injection Molding Equipment. Sub-project of Research on KeyTechnology and Industrialization for Precision Plastic Injection Molding Equipments.

4. Doctorial Program Foundation of Ministry of Education of China: Research on the Layered and Reusable Design Methods for Composites-based 3D Garments.  Research on Rapid and Creative 3D Garment Design for Visual Characters

5. Key Technical Project of Zhejiang province: Research and Demonstration on the Key Technology of Grassroots E-Government and SocialAssistance.  Research on the Key Technology of the End Process for Large Size Revolved Components and the Relative Combined-type of NC Machine Exploitation.

6. International cooperative projects: LookStailorX Development, a package of software for 3D garments CAD.  Other projects cooperated with enterprises.


Ø  Main achievements

1. In the area of fundamental algorithms for computer graphics, he and his cooperators have proposed a series of new algorithms on the basic graphics elements generation, clipping, the relation between points and polygons, especially the 2D encoding, vertex encoding and 3D encoding for line clipping have theoretical significance.


2. In the area of computer aided design, he and his cooperators have made a progress on the flexible products which are featured as mixed dimensions, multiple levels and inaccuracy size representation, such as garments, toys, lasts and cartoons. Also he has made contributions on the research for intelligently, parametrically, and automatically sizing machine components.


3. In the area of engineering drawing intelligent understanding, he has proposed the principle of engineering semantic classification for the first time, set the corresponding data structure, and realized the methods for 3D reconstruction with 2D engineering drawings.


4. In the cooperation with the Digital Fashion Lmt., he and his cooperators have developed the world's leading 3D garment design software, LookStailorX. This software has been applied in the schools of dressing design in Kobe and in LOOK, a famous garment company in Japan. Referto the web site: for details.


5. In the cooperation with Hangzhou Liveforce Technology Lmt, he and his cooperators have exploited TUXI, a package of software with a user-friend sketch interface for interactive cartoon toys design. Refer to for details.


Ø  Main awards and publications

Science and Technology Progress Awards of Zhejiang province (first-class,2000,2005 respectively),

Chinese University Science and Technology Progress Awards (two terms, first Class, 2001),

State Science and Technology Progress Awards(second class,2004)


He and his cooperators have published more than 100 papers on peer-reviewed journals including Computers in Industry, Computer Aided DesignInternational Journal of Advanced Manufacturing TechnologyComputers & GraphicsChinese Journal of Mechanical EngineeringChinese Journal of Computers Journal of Computer-Aided Design & Computer GraphicsHigh Technology LettersJournal of Computer Research and Developmentcomputer integrated manufacturing systemPattern Recognition and Artificial IntelligenceJournal of Image and GraphicsJournal of Zhejiang University . More than 40 papers have been indexed by SCI or EI. He and his cooperators have published the monographs Engineering Drawing Digital Conversion and Intelligent Understanding (published by China Machine Press), Engineering Computer Graphics (published by Science Press) and CAD methods and technologies (published by Science Press).

He received the Baogang Excellent Teacher Award in 1999, the second class of national teaching award in 2001, the first class of national excellent teaching material award. The course  ‘Engineering Graphics’ was evaluated as the national level example courses in 2003, he is the principle investigator of this course. He received the first class of the state-level "Outstanding  Achievements in Education" award in 2005. He has been titled as National Outstanding Teacher since 2006. Being the principal teacher of the engineering drawing teaching team, his team was reworded as National teaching team in 2007. It was the first time for China to name such teams. He received two second class awards for State Teaching Achievements in 2009, he is the principle investigator in one project (Undergraduate Experimental Teaching Mode Exploitation and Experimentation with a Style of Independent Innovation and Open Share) and participates in another (Development and Application Popularization on Engineering Drawing Resources). 


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