Basic information

Teacher Name:Bo Jin
Job title:Professor
Affiliation:The state key laboratory of fluid power and mechatronic systems, Zhejiang University, China



B.S.    ZhejiangUniversity, fluid power transmission and control, P.R. China, 1993

Dr.Eng.   Zhejiang University, fluid power transmission and control, P.R. China, 1998



Professor Bo Jin got his doctor degree in 1998, after that, he become a faculty of the department of mechanical engineering in Zhejiang University. His research areas mainly about electro-hydraulic control system and mechatronic control system in deep sea. In the research area of electro-hydraulic control system, a new vary speed electro-hydraulic control system based on energy regulating strategy is figured out, which can not only improve the dynamic response and control accuracy of vary speed electro-hydraulic control system(using frequency inverter to control the pump speed) significantly, but also obtain efficiency like pump control system. In the research area of mechatronic control system in deep sea, by applying the static pressure equilibriumprinciple to the fluid control system of deep-sea in-situ chemical sensors, the world’s first prototype of in-situ chemical sensor with self-calibrating is figured out, with low power consumption design, it had been uses in long-term in-situ monitoring of the hydrothermal fluid. More than forty papers were published on journals, magazines and conference both in China and abroad. Among them, six papers is indexed by SCI, eleven papers are indexed by EI. Thirteen national patents of China awarded.  As major participator, he won one National Second Prize of Science and Technology, two Provincial/Ministerial First Prizes of Science and Technology and two Provincial Third Prizes of Science and Technology. As chief scientist, he undertook one project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, one subproject of Key project of National Natural Science Foundation of China, six projects of HI-TECH Research and Development program of China.


Research Interests:

Deep-sea mechatronic equipment, Multi-legged walking robot, Mechatronic control, Electro-hydraulic control system,  Embedded system


Honors and Awards:

1.Key technologies for deep sea scientific research operation, First Prizes of Science and Technology, Government of Zhejiang Province, China, 2006.10

2.Deep sea hydrothermal vent scientific detection technology, First Prizes of Science and Technology, Ministry of Education, China, 2006.10

3.Technologies for deep sea extreme environment measurement and sampling equipments, National Second Prize of Science and Technology, The State Council of the People's Republic of China, 2009.10



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2.One type of multi-legged walking robot foot, ZL201110451677.3, 2013.8

3.One type of singleleg testing device for multi-legged walking robot, ZL201110450305.9, 2013.7

4.Parallel connected mould adjusting and locking hydraulic control system for  two mould injection moulding machine, ZL201110384191.2, 2013.9

5.Energy regulation based control system for hydraulic motor control circuit, ZL200710160374.X, 2010.3

6.In-situ measurement system for low temperature hydrothermal fluid in deep sea, ZL200710070789.8, 2010.2

7.In-situ deep sea chemical measurement system, ZL200610050252.0, 2008.9



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Professional Positions:

1998.9-2000.12  Department of mechanical engineering, Zhejiang University, lecturer

2000.12-2013.12 Department of mechanical engineering, Zhejiang University, Associate Professor

2007.10-2009.10 Department ofAgricultural and Biological Engineering, UIUC, USA, visiting scholar

2013.12-present School of mechanical engineering, Zhejiang University, Professor