WANG Qingfeng


Basic information
Teacher Name:Qingfeng Wang
Job title:Professor,Director

Doctor Degree
Tutor of Ph.D
Research Direction

1、 Electrohydraulic Control and Energy Conservation

2、Hybridpower Driven for Engineer Mechaine

3、Dredging Work and Automation 

Prossor Qingfeng Wang,man,born in November 1963, doctor of engineering, Ph.D supervisor.He graduated from department of Mechanical and Electronic Engineering in Zhejing Sichou Engineering Academy. In 1988, he obtained the master degree in Fluid Power Transmission and Control of Zhejing University,where he obtained the doctor degree in 1994. From March in 2001 to November of 2005, he served as the director of State Key Lab of Fluid Power Transmission and Control. Since July in 2001, he is the chief of Institute of Mechanical Engineering. Now he is the deputy director of Chinese Mechaincal Engineering Society and the Branch of Fluid Power Transmission and Control and the director of  The Committee of Hydraulics. Meanwhile he is the Member of the CPPCSC represented Zhejing Province.He invented the multiple electro hydraulic control device and system served for the significant engineering, the product line based on the intelligent electro hydraulic control of copper electrolytic anode, and the electro hydraulic auto control system with operation monitoring system of dredger. He won the five rewards of Technology Promoting in Zhejing Province with the first, second and third prize. He was authorized for 12 patents, 2 software copyrights. His more than 30 papers indexed by SCI and EI. He was chosen in the Plan for Cultivating the Outstanding Person Cross-century by ministry of education and the focused cultivating person in the first level of Zhejing 151 Talents Project and the 151 Talents Project in the New Century. He was honored the special allowance of the Sate Council.

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