Institute of Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering


Research Areas:

1) Aircraft assembly automation technology

2) Key equipment and system for aircraft Assembly automation

3) Composite structure manufacturing technology

4) Fiber placement equipment for composite structure manufacturing


Prof. Huiyue Dong

Associate Directors:

Associate Prof. Yunbo Bi

Associate Prof. Shuiliang Fang

Tel: 0571-87953929


The Institute of Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering was established in 2017.It has the Key Laboratory of Aircraft Digital Assembly Technology, Ministry of Education, and the Key Laboratory of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Zhejiang Province, and has set up a featured discipline of national defense Military Manufacturing and its Automationthe discipline of Mechanical Engineering to which the institute belongs is a state key discipline. Meanwhile, the institute has the Aircraft Digital Assembly Technology Innovation Team, which is one of the first Technology Innovation Teams of Zhejiang University. The team has 26 members, including 6 professors, 6 associate professors, 2 senior engineers, 4 lectures, 3 postdocs, and 5 research fellows. One of the team members is the Exceptional Expert of Zhejiang Province, one was enrolled in the Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Talent Project, two were enrolled in the One-Five-One Talents Project of Zhejiang Province, and one is Qiushi Distinguished Professor.

Focusing on the key strategic requirements in the fields of national high end equipment manufacturing such as aerospace, aeronautics and ship building, as well as the basic scientific problems and frontiers of aircraft assembly automation and composite structure manufacturing, the institute has strengthened multi-disciplinary crossover and fusion of machinery, mechanics, control, information, material, etc., undertakes basic theory innovation, key technology breakthrough, process equipment development and system integration research, spurs achievement transformation, and lead the development of the industry.

In the recent years, by cooperating intimately with Chengdu Aircraft Corp., Xi’an Aircraft Corp., Shan’ xi Aircraft Corp., Shanghai Aircraft Corp., the institute has undertaken tens of research projects such as National Key Technology Research and Development Program, Civil Aircraft Special Program of the Ministry of Industry and Information, Key model engineering project, with an accumulated fund of over 1 billion RMB, leading to the development of 17 automated aircraft assembly systems and 2 movable aircraft final assembly lines, which have been applied in the development and production of 9 key aircraft models, including Y-20, J-20, ARJ21, etc., creating huge economic and social benefits. Research achievements were honored with the first class technology invention award of the Ministry of Education in 2012, the second class National Technology Invention Award in 2013, the first class science and technology award of China Machinery Industry in 2017. Aviation Industry of China remarked the work done by the institute as “has propelled the disruptive revolution of the nation’s aircraft assembly pattern, is the most influential original achievement in the nation’s aircraft manufacturing field in the recent 10 years, has completely broken the technology blockage and market monopoly by developed western countries, has made significant contributions to the leap of aircraft manufacturing technology and defense construction of the nation.”

Generic Technology Integration Platform for

Automated Aircraft Assembly Systems