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Basic information

Teacher Name:Shuyou Zhang
Job title:Professor, Director






School of Mechanical Engineering Department, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. 310027


Shuyou Zhang, PhD, Professor, doctoral supervisor, vice administer of Institute of Design Engineering and Automation, director of Research Center of Design and Product Innovation,assistant director of Computer Graphics Professional Committee for China Engineering Graphic Society, member of Product Digital Design Professional Committee, chairman of Zhejiang Engineering Graphic Society, engaged in the research work for the technology of product digital design, technology of design and stimulation for complex equipments, engineering and computer graphics and the key technology for enterprise informatization, the visiting scholar of the University of California at Davis, rewarded as the outstanding youth team of Zhejiang Training Young Scientist Foundation, obtained the first level key funding of Zhejiang Province ‘151 Talent Project’, honored as ‘Aged and Young Experts with Outstanding Contributions in Zhejiang Province’, gain the State allowance.

As a project principal, Dr. Zhang undertook one National Science and Technology Major project, three National Natural Science Foundation project, two National Sci-Tech Support Plan subjects, four National 863 Plan projects, six Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Foundation projects, six Zhejiang Key Scientific and Technological projects, over 20 cooperation and development programs for enterprises. He has published over 100 academic papers collected in SCI/EI journals. He got one paper of 100 the most excellent papers in China Science journals, and three excellent papers of Zhejiang Natural Science. He has one academic book (coauthor) published in center press and two textbooks (one of chief editors) aimed at the 21st century. He has been awarded the Second Prize of National Science & Technology Progress twicethe First Prizes of Zhejiang Provincial and Ministry of Education Science & Technology Progress four times. He also got the national outstanding teaching achievements prize (once First Class and twice Second Class).

Research Areas and Descriptors:

1 Technology of Product Digital Design

2 Technology of Design and Stimulation for Complex Equipments

3 Engineering and Computer Graphics

4 The Key Technology for Enterprise Informatization



M. S. 1991  Department of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University

Ph.D. 1999  State Key  Lab. Of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University



1997- , vice administer, Institute of Engineering &Computer Graphics, Zhejiang University, P. R. China

1997-2001, associate professor, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University, P. R. China

2001- , professor, the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Zhejiang University, P. R. China



1Awarded the Second Prize of National Science & Technology Progress in 2004: Mass Customization Technology System and the Application for Domestic Important Equipment.

2Awarded the First Prize of Zhejiang Provincial Science & Technology Progress in 2010: The Key Digital Design Technologies and Applications for Complex Equipments Responding Quickly to Customer Demand

3Awarded the First Prize of Zhejiang Provincial Science & Technology Progress in 2005: the Information Configuration& Integration Engineering Research and Application for Mechanical Products

4Awarded the First Prize of Zhejiang Provincial Science & Technology Progress in 2000: the Self-organizing Modeling Technologies& integrated Systems Research and Application aimed for Innovative Design of Mechanical Products

5Awarded the Second Prize of Ministerial Nature & Science in 2003: the Theory and Method Research for Engineering Information and Visualization of Transition State

6Awarded the Second Prize of Zhejiang Provincial Science& technology Progress in 2007:Multi-cavity Injection Mold’s Hot Runner Technology and Applied Research

7Awarded the Second Prize of Ministerial Science& Technology Progress in 2006: Knowledge Project Implementation and Products Application for Manufacturing Enterprise

8Awarded the Second Prize of Zhejiang Provincial Science & Technology Progress in 2002: Integrated System of Communication Line Inspection

9Awarded the First Prize of National Excellent Teaching Achievement in 2004: the Exploration& Practice for Engineering Graphics Platform and the Radiation for Teaching Base

10 Awarded the Second Prize of National Excellent Teaching Achievement in 2009: the R & D and Promotional Application for Engineering Graphics Teaching Resources


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